Tax free bikes and accessories, yes please!!!

With savings of up to 42% you can see why Bike to work schemes has been popular. As an employee you may have access to one or more schemes.

At Escape Route we work closely with our partner scheme providers. were the driving force behind the whole concept and our other scheme provider is Cycle plus from p&mm employee benefits.

Both have easy to complete in store forms and in some cases you can simply (on line) choose a figure you want to spend (usually up to £1000). Enter your chosen shop code.

Escape Routes code is, wait for it. ESCAPE

Why choose Escape route for your next bike? All our bikes come with ERs unique one year’s free servicing. Not just a one off 6 week look over, which is never enough.

In addition to that we offer a range of accessories and clothing well above than the average bike shop. All of which is available through your scheme.

With free car parking at the door and superb coffee available while you browse 7 days a week, Make Escape Route your choice.

Team ER

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