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"Escape Route, Perthshire: When you’re surrounded by the Scottish Highlands, you don’t have much choice but to take to the terrain on a heavy duty mountain bike. That said, Escape Route is well equipped to cope with the meteoric rise in fixed-gear biking too. As well as selling bikes, they have two fully-trained mechanics, a fund of expert local knowledge and hire-service. And as outdoor specialists they can also provide everything you might need to hibernate in a heather-filled gorge for the winter. Selling well: Talon from Giant and the more subtle Defy "

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One of the best bike shops voted for by the industry!


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"(Pitlochry)...Home to a great whisky shop, the smallest distillery in the UK (Edradour) and one of the best bike shop coffees in the land (at Escape Route), it’s certainly a great place to spend some time in. It was the starting point for last year’s –10° Glen Tilt, frozen-river escapade (covered in issue 40) and today would be the start of an equally big, but thankfully warmer trip."

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